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  • Digital Channel Assessment: Whether you provide service via social media, chat, text, or more, MorningBrooke Digital Consultancy will review your program for health and opportunities.
  • Competitive Analysis:We’ll provide insight into how your interactions compare to those offered by your competitors and industry partners.
  • Consulting Services:MorningBrooke Digital Consultancy offers consulting tailored to your individual business needs. This could range from high-level quick-wins for an established program to complete implementation and launch of a new digital communications channel.
  • Digital Channel Strategy:MorningBrooke Digital Consultancy can design and implement an overall digital channel customer care program or focus on a particular vertical, such as chat or social media.
  • Tech Selection and Implementation:No idea which tools to use or how to find out? Different companies have different needs from tools, and there is no one perfect tool for all digital interactions. Rest assured that MorningBrooke Digital Consultancy can help you select the right tool to power your specific digital interaction space and partner with you to ensure that all features are functioning as designed for your new team.
  • Team Selection Criteria and Job Desriptions:No team? No problem! MorningBrooke Digital Consultancy can help you design job descriptions and select new team members that will help ensure your new digital program is staffed with agents that provide the right customer experience.
  • Training and Speaking:MorningBrooke Digital Consultancy offers onsite training tailored to your needs. We specialize in mass communications, public customer care, and exceptional customer support. Complex concepts are delivered in easy-to-remember lessons with learnings that can drive results today.